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Global Organic Alliance was established in 1997 and maintains ISO 65 and USDA accreditation and verifies compliance to EEC 2092/91 Regulation. GOA is also authorized to issue TM-11 Export Certificates to Japan. Attaining JAS accreditation is a very involved process which prevents us from speculating on the time frame when this will be achieved.

GOA takes pride in providing prompt, courteous service to all inquires.

Every year the goal of GOA is to have the annual certification certificate in the hands of the certified operation within 3 weeks of receiving the inspection documents from the inspector and all required supporting documentation from the inspected operation. GOA met that goal 95% of the time in 2005, the remaining 5% may have taken 4 weeks.

We encourage potential members to contact their neighbors listed in the Membership Directory (by country, then providence/state) for confirmation of our “promises”.

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